University of London psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson developed this free test, which will determine your love style.

Whenever we interact with someone else we adopt a certain role in relation to them. The test will help reveal the kind of relationship, or position within that relationship, that you characteristically gravitate towards.

Please choose only one answer for each question however difficult this may seem. The test is totally anonymous, and you will not be asked for any identifying details, so please be as honest as possible.

Q1 Would you derive more pleasure from massaging your partner or being massaged?
Massaging my partner
Being massaged
Equal pleasure

Q2 If you were out at a party with your partner, which of you would be the more likely to decide when to leave?
Your partner
You try to avoid parties

Q3 At a social function your partner pays more attention to other people than to you. How do you respond?
Get emotional and make a scene
Ignore it and say nothing
Do the same

Q4 Your partner seems particularly attracted to another person. How do you behave?
Point out that this behaviour is hurtful to you
Pretend not to notice
Tell them to stop flirting
Encourage them in the pursuit and look around for someone yourself

Q5 Your partner is offered a good job in another town. You would:
Tell them to decline the job
Offer to go with them without hesitation
Suggest they take the job and that you'll see them at weekends
Cajole them into staying with you

Q6 Your partner suggests a new form of love-making that does not really appeal to you. You:
Grin and bear it
Politely decline
Suggest something that appeals to you instead
Denounce them as perverted

Q7 If you had unlimited money to buy a gift for your partner, what would you choose?
The Koh-i-noor diamond
A Ferrari sports car
A beautiful house for the two of you to share
An open airline ticket
Give them the money and let them choose for themselves

Q8 You receive a letter from an old lover which your partner is curious about. You:
Happily allow them to read it
Allow them to read it under duress
Treat it as personal
Tell them firmly to mind their own business
Read out the juicy bits to titillate them

Q9 Which of these activities appeals to you most?
Reading in bed
Doing some chore for your partner
Going to a sexy party
A country stroll
Having your back scratched

Q10 You are having a night out at a restaurant. How would you choose where to go?
You insist on your favourite place knowing that your partner does not like the food
You offer your partner the choice
You go to your usual place which is convenient and reliable
You try out a totally new place for its novelty
You revisit a place that has romantic memories attached to it

Q11 In which era would you most liked to have lived?
Roman times
The Middle Ages
Victorian England
The Year 2010


Your partner asks you to spend a weekend with their parents, who you find rather tedious. You:

Refuse categorically
Go through with it for their sake
Agree on certain conditions; eg after negotiating a favour in return

Q13 Would you dress to please your partner even if it is against your own inclination?

Q14 Your partner seems willing to do all the domestic chores. What do you do?
Happily accept this arrangement
Insist on making your own contribution
Help them every time you see them working
Insist on doing it all yourself

Q15 Which of these fantasies appeals to you most?
Being seduced by a stranger
Being humiliated
Going to an orgy
Making love to an unwilling partner
Living happily ever after

Q16 Your ideal lover would be:
Exclusively involved with you
Decisive and dominant
Generous and attentive
Passionate and unpredictable

Q17 What kind of career would your ideal partner follow?
Respectable and secure
Something with good prospects
Artistic and bohemian
Dedicated social work
None - supportive of yourself

Q18 Your partner wants to make love when you are not really in the mood. You:
Make an excuse to get out of it
Sacrifice yourself for their pleasure
Fix them up with your friend who happens to be staying that night

Q19 If you have had a row with your partner, who is usually the first to make a gesture of conciliation?
Your partner
You are careful to avoid rows

Q20 What kind of holiday appeals most to you?
Lying on the beach reading and resting
Plenty of physical and social activity
Separate from your regular partner
Anything you know your partner enjoys